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A lagging problem and a screen issue

Hi folks,

My experiment involves a moving dot in a pre-specified coordinates. I will share my Builder view since it’s quite hard to explain all the scheme.

This is a single run. “Load_a_file” randomly extracts an excel file that contains the coordinates for a dot experiment (a one trial). Then the excel file is stored as a variable in the choose file routine. And “draw_a_dot” reads the stored excel file sequentially in which the coordinates for a single dot experiment are stored.

This is the way that I use in the “Dotexperiment” component to generate a moving dot experiment. The component is looped and the length of the component is equal to 1 frame rate (I use 60Hz monitor so 1/60 = 0.1666…). Hence, a moving dot is generated using the coordinates – matrix with 2 column (x and y coordinates) and 500 or so row (a single coordinate for a dot to be appeared in a single frame).

Now the problem is that if I run this using my MacBook Air 2019 generation using its screen or a secondary screen, it runs very smoothly. But when I ran this using a desktop in my lap, it was very un-smooth and lagging. I don’t really know why this happens and need to solve this problem in order to run my experiment.

I would be very much pleased if someone knows how to solve this and would like to share it with me.
Also any other suggestion with regard to Builder would be appreciated.


If you want 1 frame I’d recommend asking for 1 frame rather than 0.016667 seconds. There’s a drop-down menu where it says duration (s).

thanks for this suggestion! didn’t know this one