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4 Text Options Name Stimulus - Position & Randomization

I am using v2021.2.3 on Mac StandAlone.

I am creating a face name association task and am having trouble presenting 4 names as answer choices in fixed positions at the bottom of the screen and having the names (1) be the correct name and the other 3 names be random names from a list in the Excel file, and (2) having the order of the names appear randomly so that the correct name does not always appear in the same location.

I am working in builder due to a lack of knowledge in coding. If you could help guide me where I would need to go to enter any specific coding, and what I would need to enter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a look at my independent randomisation online demo for how to read the names into a list.

I’ve recently put up a prospective memory odd one out demo which shuffles the position of the correct answer.

I wanted to present an image and a word simultaneously on the two sides of the screen. there were 2 possible locations and created an excel file defining each.

Then, for image:

for word:

Then added custom code move to the top in the builder and write this in the Begin Routine:

In excel you should put comma instead of dot and make sure you define all rows as number and title (e.g., image_posX) as general

When I wanted to present 6 images at the same time I created this excel (wrote all possible combinations):

and the Code:

For components: