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3D Cube interactive

Hi, I’m new at psychopy and opengl in general. I want to create an experiment where the subject interacts with a 3d cube, he can rotate and drag it through the space. It’s a virtual kohs block test.
I’m lost, I don’t know where to start. If someone could advice me, it would be great!


As of now, you need to use direct OpenGL calls to draw 3D objects in PsychoPy. It is completely possible to do so with the current version of PsychoPy, but requires an intermediate knowledge of OpenGL and interactive graphics. Check out the “” coder demo to see how OpenGL drawing can be done in PsychoPy, but you will need to handle colorspace conversions yourself.

Keep in mind you will need to implement your own “ray picking” code to interact with the cube and set the projection matrix yourself.