With two monitor, no cursor on the main one

Description of the setup:

  • one main visible monitor where participants can see the task
  • a second monitor with touch screen which is used as a “mouse”
  • the touch screen will be placed orizontally and covered; participants won’t see their hands but can follow their movements on the main screen

Description on the experiment:

  • from the center of the screen, participants have to reach a circle appearing at random locations
  • tap in the circle
    -came back to center and tap on the center


  • When the experiment starts, when moving the finger, you can se a sort of shadow on the main monitor.
  • Movements are really slow and difficult to perform
  • The tapping is hard to be recognized
  • Most importantly, the cursor is not visible anymore.

You could add an object on the main screen that has the mouse location as it’s position.

I do this with my Mouse Tracking demo because I’m hiding the real mouse position.

For touchscreens you need to use the contains method instead of clicks to get a response to the first touch. If the coordinates have changed then on a touchscreen it must be a new touch. My Emotional Stroop for mobile demo uses this.

Thanks a lot! I solved with the fake cursore.
It is just not really clear to me what you refer to with contains method as far as what concerns the double-click problem. Could you explain me better? Where scould I implement that?
Thanks in advance

Here’s my code for checking whether a polygon (called rec) has been touched. I add a mouse component called mouse to the first routine.

Begin Routine

minRT = .2

Each Frame

mouseloc = mouse.getPos()
if mouseloc[0]==mouserec[0] and mouseloc[1]==mouserec[1]:
elif rec.contains(mouse):
     if t>minRT:
         continueRoutine = False
          mouserec = mouse.getPos()