Why isn't my timeline being pushed?


I would be extremely glad to know the reason why my stimuli (routines) are not being pushed in my Oral Fluency task.

Here’s how my timeline looks:


The routines entitled ‘routine_number’ have the instructions for the language the paricipant has to use to talk in that round.

The ones entitled ‘talk_number’ have just an image to indicate the participant can start talking (for 60.0s).

But the routines are not being pushed.

Can you help me?

Can you please show us what that routine looks like?
And which routines exactly are not being run.


Actually I just discovered that what is not working is the microphone in “talk_2”, which is weird because the microphone in “talk_1” is. When I delete the mic component from “talk_2” the experiment runs. But I do want the mic to stay there, during all my “talk_number” routines.

Here is a screenshot of how my routines entitled “talk_number” are: