Why does the log file and .csv file not sync?


I hope I’m not missing something obvious here, but I can’t seem to see a logical relation between some of the times indicated in my log files and my .csv output file.

For example, (using builder view) I have my sound file and my recording mic start at the same time in my design. In the .csv output file, the start time for the sound file does not appear to line up consistently with anything in the log file.

Basically, I need to identify from this information what is the most reliable times to use to splice the EEG data file recorded simultaneously to the correct start and stop times for my sound files. I was assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that the log file was more accurate, but I get a more precise time (as in, more decimal places) in the .csv file, which is useful.

Log file excerpt for first trial referred to:

36.6674 EXP Sound sound_1 started
36.6681 EXP Sound mic_1.marker_tone started
36.6682 DATA AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Record: onset 1571785379, capture 3.500s
36.6707 EXP AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Record: return immediately, no blocking
37.0007 EXP Sound sound_2 stopped
38.5070 EXP image_2: autoDraw = True
39.1855 DATA Keypress: 4
40.3801 EXP Sound sound_1 stopped
40.3804 EXP Sound sound_2 stopped
40.3816 EXP AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Stop requested, but no record() in progress

Trial 1 value for sound_1.started in the .csv file

Log file excerpt for second trial referred to:
|40.5966 |EXP |Sound sound_1 started|
|40.5972 |EXP |Sound mic_1.marker_tone started|
|40.5973 |DATA |AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Record: onset 1571785383, capture 3.500s|
|40.5997 |EXP |AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Record: return immediately, no blocking|
|40.8986 |EXP |Sound sound_2 stopped|
|41.5336 |DATA |Keypress: 2|
|42.4096 |EXP |image_2: autoDraw = True|
|44.3752 |EXP |Sound sound_1 stopped|
|44.3755 |EXP |Sound sound_2 stopped|
|44.3764 |EXP |AdvAudioCapture mic_1: Stop requested, but no record() in progress|

Trial 2 value for sound_1.started in the .csv file

This is actually a pretty time sensitive question for us - could somebody clarify please?

I have this question too! Does anyone know the answer?