What screen/monitor info can we plausibly collect to get idea of monitor quality?

I want to create an experiment in which people from different demographics rate a bunch of images 1-5. One question of interest is whether different groups rate in different ways. However, there is a plausible issue that different groups (e.g. pensioners and students could be using different gear and that could influence quality judgements in itself.) I, therefore, want to measure what I can about the quality of the monitor and I am happy to both use automatic features of Psychopy and questionnaires. I wonder if anyone else has dealt with this issue and how?

For now, I am considering the following:
Use the “credit card trick” to get an idea about monitor size and resolution. This should be pretty robust, right?
Ask people questions like: How old is your monitor, what brand is it, and who is the producer?

Alternatively, I wonder if I can select a comment piece of equipment such as a 2020 MacBook and ask people to only join the experiment if they have that one. I am not sure if I can actually control that, however.

I would be very happy to hear whatever ideas or experiences you have on this topic. Thanks for reading.