VESPR Study Portal and other VESPR tools offline

Last night, there was a service interruption at A2, my hosting company, which put all of my web tools offline. The server itself is back up now, but database connections have not been established, which means that the tool index at now works but the dynamic pages (and my Wordpress and Moodle sites on the same server) are still offline. I apologise for the inconvenience and will update this thread when I have more news.

You can view the details (not much) I have about the outage here:

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Thanks for the heads up. I was planning on launching an experiment using your Alternating allocation to URL tool today!

It seems to be back up now. However, I’d probably give it a few hours before launching anything new on it just in case.

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To follow up – data on the portal may have been lost in the period prior to the outage. I had to reregister a user who registered on Saturday 15th. Presumably this is because the server was restarted from a backup.

Hi, I am running an experiment with the “slider” function in the psychopy program, it works well and records the answers. When I upload it to Pavlovia, just at the moment when the slider should appear in the task, I get the following error message:

Is this function giving error? I have seen that in the repository other users have made use of the slider and have had no problem.

Thanks in advance!

Your issue doesn’t seem to have any connection to the VESPR Study portal or other tools. However, here are two links you should follow: