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Vertical Rating Scale

Hello Everyone,

I followed this conversation in which the topic is to create a vertical rating scale :!topic/psychopy-users/6BKtJQQn_uw

@richard, is that possible for you to share your code here ? If it’s not yet ready to officialize the code, can you send me the draft to start with something ?

Or if someone created a code that works to have a vertical scale, I’m really interested!

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @ClementineG, I proposed a new rating scale stimulus (that also happens to support vertical scales) for the inclusion in PsychoPy:

However, some issues with the current implementation need a bit more discussion and work, but I’m currently extremely busy with my PhD studies, so didn’t really have time to take action so far. Still, the existing code is functional. Only supports input via mouse, though, and does not display a marker until the participant clicks on the scale. It doesn’t have an accept box, either. If you need help getting the scale to work, let me know!



Thank you a lot ! and thank you for your express timing ! I’ll try to manage my new scale with that :slight_smile:

(I also apologize for the multiple discussion… I hope you didn’t waste to much time because of my clumsiness)

Good luck with your PhD studies!


Hi Clémentine,

not at all! Actually, I appreciate you created a new thread for this new question!

Thanks for your wishes :slight_smile:

All the best,