Variables created via expression question type only saved when question is visible


I am creating a survey and have set up scoring for the subscale using the expression question type it only saves value when the question is set to visible. I would like it so the participant would not be able to see their overall total.

When set to invisible I can print the value to the screen using {varaible_name} inside the survey, but it isnt saved in the data file and can not use it in the URL redirect.

It always saves the reaction time for the variable regardless of visibility level.

Wondering if anyone has came across this bug and how they fixed it

Thank you,
Shannon (They/Them)

I figured out a solution. I set the expression to visibile, but Panel expand state to Collapsed and the Title location to hidden and this hides it from the participant but still saves the variable and added it to the URL redirect

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Great you’ve found a stop gap solution. I’ll replicate this issue and add it to our to do list.

I’ve added your solution to OHQcount in the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (which I’ve set to public), and used this survey to report the issue.

Clear If Invisible: "None". This is data section of the question settings:

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