Variable component not defined in JS code


I have a variable component (imList) declared at the beginning of the routine, the start value is set to obtain some image names in my condition file, split by “,”, see below -

It runs fine locally with PsychoPy without any problem. However, when I convert this experiment online, it seems that this variable component is not initialized in the JS code, and has the error below -

I was wondering why the variable component is not declared in the auto-generated and what’s the proper way to resolve this issue.

Thanks much!

Variable components don’t auto translate to JS. You need to use a code component.

Yes, that seems to work. Thanks @wakecarter

Yet another question I have is how to plot multiple images at the same time -
I have a template image component called imageSample. Locally, I copy the image component 60 times:

for i in range(60):

And then plot the 60 images simultaneously in each frame:

for i in range(60):
    images[i].image = imList[i]

This works perfectly when running with PsychoPy.
With PsychoJS, I’m not sure I copied the images in the right way, but I changed append to push:

images = [];
for (var i = 0; i<60; i++) {
    images[i].image = imList[i];

And under each frame, I tried to plot all 60 images by:

for (var i = 0; i<60;i++) {

This, however, only plots one image, instead of 60, so I guess there must be something wrong.
There’s no error though.
Any thought?


I’m not familiar with this method.

This shouldn’t be used in Builder.

I’ve used Python code like the following to present multiple images.

for Idx in range (9):
    image='ladder.png', ori=0, pos=[pointsz[Idx]*scale*dtarget/2,(Idx-4)*scale+voffset], size=[scale*dtarget*28.72,scale*dtarget],
    color=white, colorSpace='rgb', opacity=1,
    flipHoriz=False, flipVert=False,
    texRes=128, interpolate=True)

Ok. How did you present multiple images in the browser with the sample code you included? Did you use auto translation?

Yes, plus code_JS as per my crib sheet.

I used AutoiDraw to turn images on and off again

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Still no luck for me.

I have th code_JS declared at the beginning of experiment, and have the code below to create 60 image stims:

for (var i = 0; i<60; i++) {
    images.push(new visual.ImageStim({
    win : psychoJS.window,
    name : 'image', units : 'pix', 
    image : imList[i], mask : undefined,
    ori : 0, pos : [objectCoord[0][i], objectCoord[1][i]], size : 1.0,
    color : new util.Color([1, 1, 1]), opacity : 1,
    flipHoriz : false, flipVert : false,
    texRes : 128, interpolate : true, depth : -1.0 

I checked my image file and position coordinate, both should be ok. Then using setAutoDraw(true) to present them:

for (var i = 0; i<60;i++) {

There’s nothing on the screen.

Please forgive my stupid mistake, as I set the image size to 1 pixel…

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