Using Levers on PsychoPy

Has anyone used levers from MedAssociates (or any other brand) for running an experiment on PsychoPy? And if so, how did you get it to work? I am new to coding, but I am designing a prosocial behavior test for rhesus macaques. There are two levers and two treat dispensers, both from MedAssociates. The goal is so that there is a “prosocial” and a “selfish” option. When one lever is pressed, both treat dispensers should be activated, and treats are delivered to both the subject and the partner (prosocial option). When the other lever is pressed, a treat should only be delivered to the subject (selfish option). I have designed this set up on PsychoPy, but using a keyboard instead of the levers, and just a text screen instead of the different treat dispenser outcomes.
Both levers and both treat dispensers are connected to a USB-IDIO-4 circuit relay station which connects to the computer via USB to HDMI. The person who wired this told me that the levers were at inputs 00 and 01, and the treat dispensers were at outputs 00 and 01. Has anyone done anything like this? I have never coded before, and this is my senior thesis project so I have limited time to put this together.
Thank you!