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Using image stim on scaled screen


I am using the credit card code for screen scaling from Wakefield Morys-Carter / ScreenScale · GitLab. I can use it to create a square to place my stimuli on which becomes perfectly square. However, when I try to put my stimuli on the square (which are perfect circles generated in MATLAB) they get distorted into slight ovals. I am not using the builder, but using coder to upload my photos. Has this happened to anyone else? Or any ideas on how to fix the issue? Thanks!

  1. What are the native dimensions of your circle image?

  2. What size are you putting in the image component?

  1. The native dimensions of my image are 250x250 pixels

  2. The size I am putting in my image component is size = (0.07,0.07)

i am using norm as my window size setting, but it’s weird that it still wouldn’t be a circle given the perfect square generated by the card scaling

Am I not setting the size to (0.07,0.07), but actually setting it to 7% of the screen because it is in norm? Thanks!

To use screen scale you need to multiply the desired size in cm by the scaling factors, e.g. (2 * x_scale, 2 * y_scale)

You are currently using 7% of the screen dimensions.