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Using condition file the is participant specific

Hi all,

My experiment is built up of 4 pieces of code. A screening phase, an encoding phase, and two recall phases.

In the screening phase ( participants see stimuli and rate them. It separates x trials in high rating and x trials in low rating. Stimuli are in the conditions file (tQA.xlsx). The file output is then processed to remove certain trials and a separate file is created (111_encPrep.csv) ahead of the encoding phase ( When I run this phase I want to use the participant condition file (111_encPrep.csv) for the randomization loop instead of the original condition file (tQA.xlsx).

However, when I do I get the following error:

I cannot find a solution in the literature, but hopeful i can get help here.

111_curspaScreen.csv (1.4 KB)
111_encPrep.csv (1.1 KB) (33.8 KB) (32.7 KB)

I think it’s not liking the file format for your conditions file, try saving it as a .xlsx instead of a .csv file

This did not work. I have also followed what has been suggested by another user, by removing any columns that might have spaces.

However, some columns will have cells with a space as the text to display in each trial are sentences rather than words (see column trivQ in 111_encPrep.csv) as an example. But the original conditions file has that as well. So I am not sure what could be the problem.