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URL in Psychopy task

I am trying to put a URL at the end of my psychopy task that will forward the participant to some questionnaires that I would like them to answer in SoSci (a different server). Does anyone know how I can make it so that the participant can click on the URL and be forwarded to the other server. I tried with the mouse component to make the text a “clickable stimuli” but I haven’t been successful yet. Any suggestions?

This goes in the Completed URL setting of the Experiment Settings

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Probably better to go with Wakefield’s suggestion on putting the URL in the “Completed URL” in Experiment settings.

Regarding clickable stimuli, I have found that this does not work with texts so you will need to probably overlay a polygon over the text (0.5 opacity so the text can show) and make the polygon clickable.

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You can have an opaque rectangle behind text so long as the rectangle is drawn first. My crib sheet also says how to make a polygon transparent.

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