Unspecified javascript errorr

URL of experiment: garsinis_screenscale [PsychoPy]

Hello, I synced my experiment with pavlovia and it throws “Unspecified javascript error”. Syncing the same experiment was successful before, but I had to add screen scale routine and now it crashes. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Since Pilot tokens expire, the easiest way to allow others to demo your experiment is to set it to RUNNING and allocate it a small number of credits. Add a final routine with a text component that doesn’t end (possibly unless you press a key such as = which isn’t typically used). You should also set your experiment not to save incomplete results using the Dashboard entry for your project. That way, if the experiment fails to finish, no data is saved and therefore no credit is consumed.

However, perhaps you have your units set to pixels and a non-integer size or position.

Most of my routines have pixel units, and some introductory routines have height units which have some non-integer sizes or positions. Would it make any sense to change them to pixel integer values?

Height and Norm units are better for online experiments, where you don’t know the participant’s screen size. I suspect that somewhere you have a routine with a non-integer number of pixels.