Unknown resources online

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:
Please Hlep me!
unknown resources
Why is the resource progress bar not displayed,such as

Hello wen,

links to experiments in pilot mode expire after one hour.

Do you load your stimuli via an excel-file? Do you refer to the excel-file via a variable? If so, add the resources as Additional Rescoures under Edit experiment settings, Online. I assume the experiment ran offline.

Best wishes Jens

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Thank you.
But I don’t know “add the resources as Additional Rescoures under Edit experiment settings”,how to do.

Hello Wen,

perhaps this picture helps you. Notice, that this only helps if you load your stimuli via an excel-file that is set with the help of a variable.

Best wishes Jens

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The same error still occurs when I perform the following operations

Hello Wen,

Which version are you using? If it is a recent version, for instance 2021.2.3, delete the html-folder as an output-path in the online tab.

Best wishes Jens

To follow up on @JensBoelte 's point, you will probably need to recreate the experiment on Pavlovia without an html folder. Simply removing html from the current version and resyncing isn’t enough.

Thank you for your patience to reply!But I still have a problem following your method,such as:

What link did you try? That suggests that you are either trying to access a folder that doesn’t contain index.html in it. Check on Gitlab to see the you have:

  1. index.html in your root folder
  2. No html sub-folder

How delete the repository from Pavlovia.I found all the previous files are here.

please tell me how to operate it.

This is the experimental link: Pavlovia

You need to delete it via your dashboard

please you check these folders. Mistakes will still happen,such as

As far as I can tell, this folder hasn’t synced.

https://run.pavlovia.org/yonglongwen/hanziexp1 says 404 not found because there was no html file in that folder.

What link is forbidden? Do you get an error when you try to sync?

I’m also wondering about whether the Chinese characters in the folder names are causing an issue.

I don’t get any error when I try to sync.

When I change Chinese characters into English, I met such error:

As far as I don’t konw how solve it ,please help me tell your Email adress.After I sent it to you

Hello Wen,

does your experiment run locally? If it does not, the experiment won’t sync.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you!
My experiment can run locally,but the experiment won’t run on pavlovia.
I have try many ways to solve it, but already insuccess.
Can you help me sync with pavlovia?

Hello Wen,

looking at your last screenshot and the one screenshot (3 days ago) from where you show the resources that you add for Online, I noticed that the path to Instruction.png is wrong. It should read simply “Instruction.png” instead of “Instr\Instruction.png” Did you update that in the meantime? Also, the experiment was named “untitled”?

You need give access (search for “giving access to gitlab-project” to find out how to do this) to your project such that one could fork it and give it a try or upload a toy version of your experiment here.

Best wishes Jens