Unknown Resource--Resource name change?

URL of experiment: Dino / Religious Music and Cognition · GitLab


I am currently running my study online, and bugs keep popping up. The newest is a version of a previous error where one of my music files is not downloaded as a resource.

The new problem, however, is that the name is changed. The file is “Hindu.wav”, however the error comes up as “Hindu.wav (4)”

Does anyone understand why this name has changed? It is obviously a problem for a number of participants, as most have aborted the experiment than completed (meaning it doesn’t appear for everyone)

Thank you for the insight

Have a look inside all of your counterbalance Excel files (this is one reason why I avoid having lots of similar Excel files). Maybe you can speed up the process by checking whether you only have data from some counterbalance orders.

The error is probably coming up because your code is requesting Hindu.wav (4) instead of the file that exists.

You could also try reattaching it to Experiment Settings / Online.


Nothing looks wrong in the files or the code, I will append the file so you could take a look.

How would I reattach in experiment settings, and how would that fix the issue?

RMCv2.psyexp (59.0 KB)