Unable to obtain value of resource

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Image of error:

Description of the problem: When running this experiment, the experiment is not able to call the filename blocks_same2.png. What I did is:
Delete blocks_same2.png from the resources folder in the html folder then refreshed to Pavlovia.

When this did not work, I created another copy of the file with the same name without any spaces. This did not work either.

My biggest source of confusion is the fact that upon deleting the image from Gitlab, I was successfully able to see that the resources that were downloaded when running the experiment as one less, meaning that blocks_same2 was no longer in the experiment. However, when I ran the experiment, I once again got this error. How am I getting this error when the file isn’t there to get called?

Would anyone be able to tell me what the issue is? Thank you!

It seems to be working for me at the moment.

Try Ctrl-Shift-R to flush your cache and run the most recent version of the experiment

Thank you! I hadn’t thought of this!

For future reference, if anyone has the same problem I did, what I realized I forgot to do is delete the file from the Excel file which was getting called in this experiment. After I deleted the file name from the Excel, cleared my cache, the experiment worked!