Unable to download latest version to Big Sur 11.5 2020 MacBook Pro

I have been unsuccessful for a week in trying to download the standalone version as well as installing through python into pycharm. I have a 2020 MacBook Pro on 11.5 Big Sur. A couple others with similar models are having the same difficulty; it downloads halfway then stops saying network error, no permissions, forbidden. I have been through searches online and tried what others have posted but nothing is working. Can someone please help? I am new to the program and have no experience with it but I am trying to learn how to use it for my upcoming online experiment, which I haven’t been able to download this in any way. Thank you.

I think this is a “development” discussion (about features we’re considering). I hope you ultimately managed to download the app. I’m not sure what the problem could have been - I’m not aware of others having difficulties