Unable to create "valid" online experiment

Dear Pavlovia team,

A problem I encountered since the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 was that I could create “valid” online experiment by clicking the “Sync with web project” icon.

That is, after I clicked this icon, yes, I could name a new project and a new project appeared in the “Experiment” of my pavlovia account, but the word in the “Platform” column for this experiment was “UNKNOWN”. Consequently, I was not able to do either “PILOTING” or “RUNNING” such a project.

Previously, when my experiments could run normally, the word in the “Platform” column for an experiment was “PSYCHOJS”.

This problem seemed not to be solved by switching to another computer.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi, have you tried switching your task to Inactive and back to either Piloting/Running?

Hi, it was not able to be switched to eithe piloting or running?

Oh apologies, I thought you meant that the word UNKNOWN was still present after you’ve switched the mode.

When you’re switching to either piloting/running, was there a message (in a blue box) at the bottom right of the screen saying that it’s being switched and will take a moment?

Yes, there was such a box that never disappeared…

Is the name of your javascript file the same as the name within your index.html file?

Did you mean the file name of the .js file and the name in the codes of the index.html? Yes, the same.

Have you tried syncing a study with the latest version of psychopy? Installation — PsychoPy v2023.2.1

Yes, my current version is the latest version. I also tried earlier version before. The same problem for me.

Hi, I just realized an issue. My account could generate valid online experiment with mac system, but not win system. Any advice?