Trying to collect key presses and subsequently flip screen

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello, I am trying to collect space bar presses during a 3 second interval. I am trying to update the screen to show a progress bar of presses. I had this working locally, but am having trouble online because the program does not like win.flip(). Right now, this is located in the routine ‘start_calib’. I have a keyboard component ‘calib_work_space’ that is set for 3 seconds and is looking for space bar presses. I then have a custom code component ‘go_calib’ and in the Begin Routine, I have the code below. Currently, the screen is not updating and I’m not sure if button presses are being collected either. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you!

while timer.getTime() < 3:
    current_time = timer.getTime()
    if calib_work_space.keys == 'space':
        calibration_total_presses = calibration_total_presses + 1

        if current_time > calibration_update_duration:
            slide_number = slide_number + 1
            show_slide = visual.ImageStim(win=win,
                            image='calibration/Slide' + str(slide_number) + '.jpeg',
                            size = 1.0)
            calibration_update_duration = calibration_update_duration + 0.25

Hi all. Re-pinging this because I have not had any luck recently. Any help would be wonderful :slight_smile: