Trouble getting typed responses in Pavlovia - textbox or key inputs

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I’d like participants to enter a number (probably two or three digits) that should then be saved. I tried using an editable textbox for that, and while it worked in PsychoPy (Builder), it doesn’t work on Pavlovia. The text is shown, assuming there are no other text components, but it’s simply not editable in any way. I tried removing my keyboard component used to end the routine (after space is pressed), and it still didn’t work at all.
The textbox starts at 0 seconds and should continue indefinitely, and is positioned at (0,0), with black text on a white background. When I modified size and position, it didn’t work, either. I tried it with both ‘constant’ and ‘set every repeat’, and that didn’t work either.

Because of that, I tried using just keyboard inputs, adapting the code from the text input demo (here). That didn’t work either. I didn’t change the code at all except to change the name of the text component in use. No text was shown in it, and it didn’t react to any key presses, including enter. I tried it both in PsychoPy and in Pavlovia and it was the same in both.

I’d like to get this to work somehow, and I’d appreciate any tips.

You could take a look at my digit span demo.

I’ve taken a look and been trying to adapt it. So far, it seems to work. Thank you!