The experiment keeps loading when adding a loop after a loop with sound file and recorder

Hi all, I am building a shadowing experiment via Psychopy for my Final Year Project in the university. However, I encountered a problem that has bothered me a lot and I do not know how to solve it.

My shadowing experiment consists of four blocks, namely the baseline production, shadowing 1, shadowing 2, and post-shadowing production. These four blocks are loops. For baseline production and post-shadowing block, they are actually the same with words shown on screen and record the pronunciation. And for the shadowing blocks, they require participants to listen to the pronunciation first then record the word they listened to. Everything was perfectly fine when I create the baseline production then the shadowing 1 and 2. However, when I try to add the post-shadow production block(exactly the same as the baseline one), the experiment cannot be loaded without any error messages. But when I disable the microphone function, the experiment can run again.

In this case, is anything wrong with the loops or what else? Why the post-shadow production loop can appear before the shadowing loop but not after it? What should I do in this case? TT