Text is not fitting on the screen in the online version

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: My PsychoPy experiment was syncronized with Pavlovia, I generated a pilot link, but I had a problem with the online experiment: the way the text is presented on the screen is very strange (it is not fitting on the screen in the online version). I don’t know how I can fix this problem; furthermore, I didn’t find another topic discussing exactly this problem.

Some additional information: I’m using the Builder; no Code was used in my PsychoPy experiment; I used a few component from Builder (texts, keyboards, and rating scales, as well as some loops). I’ve been trying to run the pilot experiment at Pavlovia.org with the text-component units set as “from exp settings” and “height”, but none of these settings worked.

I wondered if it would be a problem in the units I set up on PsychoPy, as I saw a comment in another post saying something about it (Can PsychoPy3 with code scripts be converted seamlessly to Pavlovia?).

Try increasing the wrap width of the text component

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