Task "crashing" & reverting to previous routine

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Description of the problem:
I have a progressive ratio task where participants make lots of button presses to earn monetary rewards. The task works as it should 95% of the time but occasionally “crashes” in the middle of the game, exits full screen, and appears to take participants back to the very first instructions routine, and when they esc out of the task, no data is saved (although we have the tasks set to save partial data. The routine participants are being taken back to is not within a loop–it is a previously completed routine. Since PsychoPy follows a linear flow, I am guessing that the task isn’t really jumping back to a previously completed routine–could it be an issue to do with the browser cache issue?

The flow is below. Participants are in the TrialsLoop when it crashes and it takes them back to the first routine, Instruct_1