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Strange data files


I’m now running my study for quite a while and noticed some strangely saved datafiles. They are named differently than all other files and can’t be opened (the excel part). When I open the textdocument there’s only one line with some settings.

data saved
The first highlighted file is the one in question: it’s got the name it runs under in Pavlovia in it rather than the name of the experiment and date as the second highlighted usual data file has.

I’m wondering where these files are coming from and why. I do not hope those are incorrectly saved data files. Does anyone know more about this?

All the best,

When you sync your experiment with Pavlovia, local data files get uploaded and remote data files get downloaded.

I haven’t synced since starting the experiment. I downloaded the csv files a few times to save the data and have a look if everythings alright.

I’m pretty sure I deleted the local data file on gitlab before setting the experiment to run, and those data files became more (1st download there was one such file, third download about 5).
But if I get you right @wakecarter, the downloading might produce these files through some background data and i don’t need to worry about it.