Stimuli Doesn't Work in Pavlovia Task Order

Description of the problem:

I have an experiment where I show images or videos depending on the condition. I use the condition order files to control the order within participants (Blocks of trials and counterbalancing — PsychoPy v2023.2.3) .
The problem is, this works well in the computer browser with Pavlovia. All stimuli is shown correctly in any order. But when I want to run the same experiment on tablet, ABCD and BCDA conditions work well, but when I chose the orders of CDAB and DABC, videos in corresponding conditions didn’t work. (For example if D = video, in the 2nd position videos stop, but in the first, third or last position they work fine). I cannot pinpoint what would be the problem. I use the files exactly as is in the Counterbalancing different subtasks section. This problem only occurs with videos, and on tablet.

Please help :(.


Same issue happens in Safari. It works on Mozilla Firefox, but then a code component which randomizes the location of text on screen does not work, it only works when it is not on full screen.
I am starting to have that it is a browser issue but still no idea. Can anyone please help? :frowning:

Try adding a start time of 0.5 seconds for the videos.

For the code component issue. Please could you post the code you’re trying?

Hello. Thank you for the suggestion. But adding 0.5 seconds for the videos, would that affect the reaction times per repeat? I mean, the problem is only in the CDAB and DABC orders, then which I guess I should add 0.5 to other orders too.

The code component arranges the positions of words on screen.
pos_var1 = [(- 0.3), (- 0.1)];
pos_var2 = [0, (- 0.1)];
pos_var3 = [0.3, (- 0.1)];
pos = [pos_var1, pos_var2, pos_var3];

This is arranged for Begin Routine and set to Auto → JS. But this part is separate from the video problem, they are not in the same block or same loop. And this only does not work in Mozilla full screen, other browsers, local and computer all works fine so I am scared to touch it much.


Thank you for the suggestion which I will keep in mind if I have such an issue again,
but for everyone else who might encounter the same problem one day:

I uninstalled all the updates Chrome got on this device automatically. Now it is working and I want to smash my head to the walls for not thinking about this before, but, hey, at least.