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Description of the problem:
I am new to online testing and I’d like to launch an online test in pavlovia. But I am not sure the test would work well if my stimuli consist of Chinese words? how about pictures?

And I also want to find where could I learn more details about how to recharge? would I get invoice for it?

I 'd appreciate it if anyone could provide answers for above questions.


The best way to test if your text stimuli would work is to sync your experiment online and use “pilot” mode to see what happens.
If the text stimuli don’t work then you can try to replace them with pictures containing the text stimuli, and then re-sync to test it.
You don’t need to assign credit to a task when you are just using “pilot” mode to debug. However, when you actually run the task, you will be able to purchase credits on Pavlovia directly.

Hope this helps.