Static Period at the end of a loop - will it preload the stimuli for the earlier routines of the loop?


I would like to use Static Period to load various stimuli (including sound files) in each loop, where a loop represents a ~10 sec trial.

I only have space to insert a true static period at the end of the loop in a last routine where there are no updates in my experiment - as prior to that I do not have any truly static moments.

I was wondering whether the stimuli will be correctly loaded given the fact that the ‘loading’ static period is at the end the loop?

My logic was that it should work for all trials EXCEPT the very first trial, as in that case, the stimuli is called for before the static period happens (as it happens at the end of that loop, after the stimuli were already called for and displayed). It should work for consecutive trials, since in that case, the loading period theoretically happens before the consecutive (n+1) trial/loop.

I implemented it in Psychopy 2022.2.4 and was surprised that the script did NOT crash and run correctly. I did explicitly set various stimuli to load during that specific static period, placed at the end of that same loop. However, it is suspicious, and I wonder whether perhaps the stimuli are not actually truly loaded? However, they do run, so the information is somehow passed correctly - given that they are set up to update during ‘static period’ (as opposed to ‘set constant’ or 'set every repeat).

I implemented in a simple experimental template with just one outer loop and therefore there is no chance that the stimuli are being drawn from elswhere/updated in a more outer loop.

Thank you.

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