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Standalone version does not boot up


I’m getting a different error. The standalone version does not boot up. I can’t see the builder. I do not get any message. The only thing that opens is the box for update tips.

If somebody please help.

I’m not a programmer. I have very very basic skills on programming. I wish to learn but need to first open the program. Could somebody direct me on how to solve this on simple terms? This could be an experience I can use to learn at least something of python.

Hello Juan, welcome. If your problem is different then you should start your own separate question, if after searching well on the forums you don’t find a solution.

If you’re on Windows, see if this could be the issue: Why would psychopy not be activated on the screen?

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Thanks Daniel. I solved it though by searching in the troubleshooting documentation. It was that I was deleting the file (appdata.cfg) instead of deleting the content of the file. Super easy solution. It looked though like what caused the problem was that I opened up around 6 or 7 demos in the same builder on a single log before the program started crashing at the beginning. All of this I could see in the file but did’nt understand it.