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Slow opening and saving files from the Menu on Mac

In Psychopy 1.84.2, “File -> Open…” or “File -> Save as…” takes about 20 seconds to show the window with the folders on my Macbook Pro (late 2012) under os Sierra. I was wondering whether someone had such a problem.

I am not sure whether it is related, but iohub also takes a lot of time to be launched.

I haven’t noticed this. These are files in Coder?

Yes, these are files in Coder.

Sorry - I can’t replicate that on my mac. Maybe you could hack around in the file psychopy/app/coder/coder/py and see which part of loading is the problem

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I have issues opening any finder window from the PsychoPy coder view on my mac. It just hangs for several seconds. It gets there eventually, but I have no idea why it’s having such issues. Some of my other programs also take a second, but only PsychoPy locks up my computer entirely until the finder window opens. I’m using a MacBook pro of the same generation, but I’m on Mavericks.

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