Slider always appears as scrollbar style in online experiment

I just tried online-experiments for the first time, and for some reason sliders always appear in scrollbar-style, no matter what style I assign. This only happens online, the python version works fine.

How it looks:

The code:

slider = new visual.Slider({
    win: psychoJS.window, name: 'slider',
    size: [1.0, 0.1], pos: [0, (- 0.4)], units: 'height',
    labels: undefined, ticks: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
    granularity: 0.0, style: ["SLIDER"],
    color: new util.Color('LightGray'), 
    fontFamily: 'Open Sans', bold: true, italic: false, depth: 0, 
    flip: false,

I already tried updating the psychopy version (I used the builder) and creating a completely new experiment, didn’t change anything.

Help is appreciated!

Try changing the granularity

Changed granularity to 1 and it still looks the same