Skipping routines on an incorrect trials

I have a Relational match to sample (image below) task. The animal is to choose the correct color or shape match, receive feedback, and if they were correct two symbols appear and they must choose a symbol. If they get the match incorrect, they should get the feedback and then the symbols should not appear and they move to the next match trial. (currently the feedback is set to be a string so i can see if it is working but will eventually call an .exe file to deliver a food reward). I am having trouble with skipping the symbols and symbol feedback routines when they are incorrect. My routines can be seen below in the second image. Mtask is the match task where the image appears, I have put two transparent polygons over the choice stimuli, so the participant can use the mouse to choose the Left or Right Rect polygon. My mouseclick code is the 3rd image, and then the feedback code is the next two images. STask is for the two symbols that should appear if the Match is correct. The symbols are two Text components they choose one using the mouse. Mouse code of the symbol click is the next image.

Example of routine 1 image.
Image of the 4 routines and loop.

Match task mouse click for the 2 Rect polygons

Feedback for matching

Symbols Click

Symbols feedback (last routine)

I have tried adding the code seen below to the Begin Routine of the STask to end the the routine and start the loop over. However, it ends the whole experiment and tells me the error code in the last image. The mouseSym code is in the same code component but in the Begin Routine tab.

Sorry for so much complicated information! Hopefully this makes sense. What can I do to skip the STask and SymbolFB1 if they are incorrect in the Matching (MTask)?

Thanks so much for any advise you may have! Will continue watching the youtube tutorials in the meantime.

Found the answer in the link attached. Keeping this here for anyone else who may find this as helpful as I did.