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Showing movie before playing it

Hello everyone!

First of all, excuse me if this is a question with a primitive answer. I have been trying to solve it on my own but didn’t succeed. Hence I thought asking around the more experienced.

In my experiment, I am showing participants a very short movie. Actually, it is so short I am afraid they might not be fully immersed in perceiving it as it starts and ends very suddenly. Therefore, I would like to “show them the video as a static image” and only after that “play the video”. Imagine it as if pressing “start” on YouTube - before you do it, you see the very first frame of the video.

In other words, I don’t want the video to simply appear as a new part of the experiment and immediately play. I need to show them the video as a static image for a while.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Could you simply have an image of the first frame that you present before the video?

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I must admit I thought of that. I’ll try it and report back soon. Thanks!

You could use this movie control code to make the video stop in the very first frame.

Movie Control