Should I use builder or coder view to present a high number of visual tasks to participants?

Hi everyone. I have a question about presenting a high number of visual tasks, each about 4 seconds, to participants. At each trial we present three visual task to participants and they are supposed to determine which one is different from others.
Should I do it using builder view, by creating my visual tasks and saving them in video formats and then presenting them to psychopy using an excel file, or can I create them using the coder view?
I appreciate it a lot if you could guide me in this.

Unless there is something very unusual you need to achieve, we would recommend that you use the Builder approach.

There are three parts in the visual part of my study, so I should create three loops for them. In each loop, there will be an excel file containing two columns and 60 video files in each column. These are videos of about 4 seconds long and about 200 KB size. Do you thing that using builder view is a good choice and they will be played smoothly, without problem?

Playing multiple videos can sometimes cause performance problems, but if those occur, it doesn’t matter whether you are taking the Builder or Coder approach. I’d suggest you use Builder to get the task up and running quickly and then come back to us if there are any performance issues.

Ok. Will do. Thanks a lot.