Setting a fixation every two trials

I am trying to set a fixation point after every two trials. I know I can do it at “every repeat” but is there any way so that the fixation point can be after every two trials???

Hi Felisha! This is probably not the most efficient way to do this, but the solution below should work as a general solution, and can be used with builder and coder. If you are using builder, you will need to create a code component.

In your begin experiment tab of the code component or if you are using coder, somewhere before your trial loop:

TrialCount = 0 # This will keep count of how many trials there are

In your begin routine tab or in a loop that controls your trials:

TrialCount += 1

if TrialCount % 2 == 0: 
    # Set fixation Point here 
   # Set fixation point here

Hope this rough code helps!

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