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Screen size issues

Hi Everyone,

I am having some issues with getting my experiment to run smoothly!
Only a few months I built 2 versions of the same test on Psychopy, both ran absolutely fine and still do! For a 3 month follow up study I am conducting the same experiment with altered stimuli, SO I quite literally copy and pasted the coding etc from the previous experiments into the new one! But, this one wont run. It comes back with an error message regarding screen size, when I have already corrected this! From what I have looked into this it has been suggested online it might be graphics issues which I have also successfully updated and it still hasn’t helped! I’m worried about the entire system as I’m afraid of losing the 2 experiments that are working because i still need them for use on a control group! All help greatly appreciated as I need to get this sorted by Tuesday! I have attached a photo of the output below.

Hi @S_F, would you please paste the error message so we can see what is happening?