Scores and consequences

Hello, I’m trying to do an experiment that shows cooperative and agressive behavior and I’m new in this area. I’m thinking about a task with two steps. In both steps, always on sight of the participants, I want to show a score that keeps the accumulation or lost of points of own and a false confederate. I need that the score refresh the punctuation of the task in real time.

For the first part of the task, the cooperative part, the choice must be like this: choose between two (clickable stimuli or response key) options: complete a task all alone=10 points or cooperate with a false confederate=20 points. I need to configure the false “confederate” to make a condition in which the participants always interact with a selfish confederate, I mean, that the confederate just select to complete his task all alone. For this I think making two scores, one for each participant.

For the second part of the task, in terms of agression, I need that the choices have another election for the participants, like a slider with a gradient of a false noise blast.

Do you think that this is possible? I just read about making a score but it’s kinda complicated because I don’t understand well the “code” components and the syntax in it.

Juego competencia.psyexp (31.3 KB)

Possible? Definitely!

Real confederates aren’t yet possible in PsychoPy but isn’t fairly simple to keep track of a couple of scores and present them on screen.

For the slider, you probably need a separate image to show the “blast “.