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Scan trigger '^' is not recognized as keyboard input

OS :Win10
PsychoPy version :PsychoPy v3.1.3
Standard Standalone? (y/n) : Y

I would like to allow ‘^’ to be an input for the keyboard. This is because the fmri scanner will generate this when it begins. For some reason, it does not seem that ‘^’ is recognized. I am able to run my program with other inputs, e.g. ‘space’, but ‘^’ is ignored. I am running this in builder, but this is the code that is generated.

if key_trigger.status == STARTED:
theseKeys = key_trigger.getKeys(keyList=[’^’], waitRelease=False)
if len(theseKeys):
theseKeys = theseKeys[0] # at least one key was pressed

Go to the Coder view and select a demo called something like from the Demos menu. This gives the actual code for a given key, which doesn’t necessarily match the apparent symbol in all cases.