Routine with movie starting too early

OS Mac Catalina
PsychoPy version 2022.1.3

Below is the structure of my task which I can use to reproduce this issue. Each iteration of the ‘Scans’ loop begins with a movie, “LobbyClip,” within the “LobbyCountdown” routine. Then, there are a few iterations of the “TransitionMovies” loop per scan.

Let’s say there are three iterations of the TransitionMovies loop in the first “Scan”. Then that loop finishes and the second iteration of “Scans” begins. The problem that is occurring is that on anything past the first iteration of “Scans”, directly after “LobbyCountdown” starts, “TransitionMovies” starts about 500ms later. So “Transition”, which is also a movie, literally starts playing on top of the “LobbyClip” (but I can hear LobbyClip continue to go in the background, so they are both playing at once). So basically, Transition is not waiting until LobbyCountdown is over to start.

Hopefully this is not a bug and I am doing something wrong? Happy to provide more info, but I was stuck trying to troubleshoot.

Thank you very much.

Solved by changing movie file to every repeat