Routine with Mic component not advancing on phone (Chrome/Safari)

URL of experiment: mood-ajt-srep [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
My experiment has a speaking task (participants listen to a sentence and repeat it verbatim after a delay). It’s working great on computers/laptops (plays all the way through seamlessly and microphone audio/API transcription works well) but when I try to run it on my phone it gets stuck at the first routine with the microphone component. At first I thought it might be that there was only a response key and not a mouse click but there are both so I’ve ruled this out. Anyone have any suggestions for figuring out if/how to address this issue?

Hi Javier, I’ve also encountered this issue and am flagging this to the dev team.

Sue Lynn

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Hi Javier, sorry for the delay but are you still having this issue? I’ve tried replicating it on my end with a minimal demo and while there’s about a 1-2 seconds lag, the routine does end with a mouse click on a polygon and keyboard.