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Response dial wheel - info on hardware needed

hey everybody,

I was just wondering if anybody has any experience using response dial wheels to collect responses in behavioural tasks? e.g. rotating dials to report things on colour wheels or orientation wheels, for example. Does anybody have any experience with hardware they’ve used for this that has been particularly good?


ps sorry not sure which category this should really come under

Hi @srchekroud, is it necessary to use the dial hardware, or would you be able to achieve the same thing with color wheels and a Slider component?

yeah, in an ideal world the hardware is really useful. tasks all written in coder and easy to use with a mouse, but for use inside a MR scanner a response dial is ideal to minimise movements and keeping the response intuitive :slightly_frowning_face:

was just hoping that other people have maybe used something similar and had recommendations, before i buy things that dont work out!

Hi @srchekroud, I borrowed a Griffin Technology PowerMate and I have some working Python code running in PsychoPy. Would this be something of use i.e., compatible with your MR scanner?

quite possibly. We may get a specific mr-compatible one but in the first instance i wanted to try out a dial that others have used to see how easy it is to interface with and use to collect responses. how did you find interacting with the PowerMate? does it just act like a gaming mouse and is programmed to give a keyboard response, or can it give out an integer value (i.e. the current orientation of the dial!)


I have it set up so that moving clockwise returns a 1, and counterclockwise returns a -1. This can be used to control stimuli e.g., I can change the size of the stimuli, or move a slider, etc. Pushing the dial is used for making button presses.

Here is another post of users having success with the PowerMate

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