(Resolved) Help with the new getAudioBuffer function that returns a promise


The experiment is not on pavlovia for the moment but I have a question about jsPsych. In the newest version the getAudioBuffer function returns a promise, not the buffer as it did before. I used this function to make my own sound plugin because I do multi-talker situations so I need to load all sounds before calcutate their rms value and apply a gain (in fact a SNR because one sound is +6 dB higher than the sum of the others). I think I will not be able to do that with the newest version of the function so I keep the ancient for the moment but wonder what can I do if I have to update in the future ?

Hey @F_Elisabeth,

I think that question might be best asked in the jsPsych forum: Discussions · jspsych/jsPsych · GitHub

Best, Thomas

Hey @thomas_pronk ,

I didn’t know there was a github forum dedicated to jsPsych. I just posted the question, thank you !

EDIT : The answer of this question is now here :slightly_smiling_face:

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