Repetition of practice trials in case of a lot of mistakes

Hello everyone,

I am building a task to be applied to children, this task includes a practice phase to see if the child really understood what he has to do.
What I want to do is to create a condition that in case of a block of practical trials with 8 trials, if they get more than 2 trials wrong they have to repeat the practical trial a second time.
In other words, they will have a maximum of two opportunities to do the practical part if they need to.

The problem is that I have tried some explanations that I found on the internet and so far none worked, I found one that worked, but it is necessary that they have 6 correct trials in a row, which I don’t want.

Thank you so much

Hi, I’ve created a minimal demo that should do the trick :slight_smile:
repeat practice trials.psyexp (20.1 KB)
conditions.xlsx (8.4 KB)