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Relating mouse response to correct answer only if it clicks in the right position: how to do it?

OS: 11.2.3
PsychoPy version : new version

I’m trying to build the Yoni task, I added all the images in a excel document, where you can find the images, with the good answer, the type of stimuli etc.
In this task there is Yoni (an emoji in the center), and he looks to one of the four positions of the screen: top left / top right/ bottom left / bottom right. In these positions there are different images. These images are stocked as: A B D C

Capture d’écran 2021-04-29 à 16.50.24

There is a sentence on the top that ask (for example) : What Yoni likes?
So the participant needs to click with the mouse in one of the four locations, the correct one.
And I need to collect where the participants clicked, and the time that he employed into an excel file. And also in this excel file I need to give the correct answer, should I give it as the good position of the screen? And how to choose which sizes, positions take?

Moreover, I need that the participant clicks and then the next stimuli appears automatically.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?: I tried to add the mouse stimuli as tool of response, but I don’t know how to modify in order to make it take into account the position to respect to give the answer etc

Thank you in advance

Hello Yasmine,

you can specific the list of click-able stimuli in the mouse component. I’d add a column named target in my excel file and three columns named foil1, foil2, foil3. I assume that you want to register RT as well, so set the parameter Time relative to to routine. Start the stimulus presentation and mouse-component with routine onset.

If you want to run the experiment on-line it is advised to use height or norm as a unit for size and location (see here. The problem in on-line experiments is that you do not know the size and resolution of your participants’ monitor/window.

BTW, it often best to start with small version, four to eight trials, of your experiment and then expand it when it runs properly.

Best wishes Jens

Hi JensBoelte,
Thank you for your advices, you are kind ! Still I’ve got few doubts:

  1. How can I start the stimulus presentation and mouse-component with routine onset, what does it mean?
  2. What should I add into the target column? And what will represent foil 1, foil 2, foil 3 columns?
  3. I will run the experiment on-line, and in order to respect the norms because of participants’ different screens, I decided to put sizes in angles, and then add a specific procedure based into telling to the participant to be that X cm away from his computer.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Hello Yasmine,

you determine when a specific component starts in a routine by specifying the onset/Start.

The stimulus/picture that Yoni looks at is in your target column, the three other stimuli are your foils.

You might want to check out this thread for determining the proper unit of your stimuli.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,
Thank you very much for everything !
I’ll try my best, for the moment the experience seems to work !
Have a great day and a nice week !
Best regards,