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Rejected Builder Variables for Looped Chinese Text Stimuli

I’m running on Windows X and Psychopy 3.1, generally in the builder view

I’m running a naming task where I present speakers with text stimuli in Chinese characters and record their production of the sentence. The spreadsheet I’m using for the loop over the trials thus has Chinese text that should be pulled out for the text display, but instead the spreadsheet file is not read in at all, giving the error “Rejected Builder Variables in (filename) in file:”…

I assume this is an encoding error, but I can’t seem to find a workaround

I’ve tried both .xlsx and .csv file types for the spreadsheet, with UTF-8 encoding. I’ve tried making the file itself in Excel, Notepad++, and GoogleSpreadsheets, still to no avail.

If you can, please post the file here, ideally as .csv.

Here’s the file I’m using. It’s just a small test version of the future conditions.

sentences_plusplus.csv (410 Bytes)

The issue is your last column: it is called filename, which conflicts with a variable name that Builder itself uses when generating your experiment script. Just choose another name for that column.

Doing that, I can display your Chinese strings in a text stimulus but they are a bit clipped. Search around this forum for other people with that issue: it is out of PsychoPy’s control but seems to be resolved just by specifying an appropriate font for the text stimulus (having said that, I’m using a Mac, so it may display correctly for you depending on your default font). For me, Songti SC appears to work, while the default Arial shows the clipping artefact.

Thanks! I’ll remember that for future headers!