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Reducing lag between pages Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: When I moved from builder to the online experiment, I noticed a lag between pages. Very little changes from one page to the next, so I want it to appear as if elements of the pages are changing, rather than the entire page. Is there a way to stay on the current page until the next one is fully loaded, to make the transition more seamless?

More info (if you need it): The idea is that there are 10 boxes and an image randomly appears over one of the boxes. If you click the box in time, you hear a rewarding sound and are shown a rewarding image, and if you click the wrong box or fail to click it in time, you heard a distressing sound and see a distressing image. Ideally, most things would stay constant and the only things that would change are what box the image appears over, as well as the sound/image results. However, the way that I coded this (through builder initially) made each change a new page. I’m okay with this approach, but the issue I’m now facing is that when I try to run this online, it takes a little time to refresh or load the next page, which makes the experiment look glitchy.