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Rating scale shift

I am having difficult time to rating scale. in the settings I set the lowest value as 1 and the highest value as 5. the rest of the parameters is default. I check that the hot key are from 0 to 4. ho can I set the proper range, please? I would like to have 1 equal 1 not zer.

I think you must be using the category choices. Instead, leave that blank and use the low (1) and high (5). Then the hot keys will start at 1.

You can use choices if you use the customize field. You also need to use the respKeys argument:

choices=[1,2,3,4,5], respKeys=['1','2','3','4','5']

Hello Jeremy,
thank you. now is fine, but I noticed another problem with saving the experiment. One time my computer save the empty flow, some time a part only. I will try to find the solution on the forum.

with regards,