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Randomizing the fixation point for only half of the trials

Hi there,

I am conducting an experiment on natural and man-made scenes whereby there is an adaptation phase in which 80 images are presented randomly for 40 seconds. After that, in the test phase, for each trial, the participants will be presented with a top-up adaptation using 5 images which is around 6 seconds followed by 8 images presented in clock-wise order and the participants will have to choose an image (either natural or man-made). There will be a total of 60 trials. The thing is that, I want to include a fixation point after every image for the top-up adaptation for only 30 trials out of the 60 trials and I want the order to be randomized. I am quite new to PsychoPy and I really appreciate any help in regards to the problem that I am facing. Do I have to insert any codes for the things that I would like to do?